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How to choose the Best Face Painting Services

Nowadays there are a bunch of face painting services to choose from. Some are dirt cheap others extremely expensive. When searching for the best face painting services there are several things that should be critical in your decision making other than the rates of services.

When choosing a face painter the most important thing should be the type of paint they are using. Watch out for the face painters who result to using the cheaper paints like Palmers face paint. You want to make sure you painter is using only type of the line FDA approved paints.

How to tell if the Paint is cheap or not.

First and foremost this is at critical question that should be asked when you were inquiring about their services. But if you forget no problem here is a way you can tell to look for. Cheap face paint sets normally come with five or six primary colors. These paints are acrylic and although they look fine should never be used on human skin. True many acrylic paints are non-toxic but non-toxic doesn’t mean FDA approved. Acrylic paints sometimes contain polymers that have been known to potentially cause cancer. These paints often cause the kids to have rashes and allergic reactions on normal and sensitive skin. Here is a picture of what a cheap paint set may look like..

Palmer's face paints

Here is a list of FDA approved paints that are most commonly used by professional face painters..

Diamond Fx
Tag Body Paint
Wolfe Brothers

The second thing you should inquire about as a potential customer is, how many faces they paint in an hour. Now this varies from painter to painter, and if you are planning on have a lot of kids at the party then you most definitely want to find out how many of those kids can the painter paint in a hour. That way you can have a estimate of how long you will need their face painting services. Now although you may think the more kids per hour the better. But that’s not necessarily true, some painter will say they can paint a lot of faces but end up either doing rushed worked causing the designs to be sloppy or incomplete. The other is extreme is the painter who paints deathly slow, this kind of a face painter is hard on the kids, who get restless quick. The ideal face painter is the one who can paint a substantial amount of kids without lowering the quality of work.

On average the minimum amount of faces per hour is 15, the good face painters can paint 20-25 and keep their standard of quality. Any face painter that say they paint more than 25 I would be cautious about using their face painting services because you can almost expect rushed and generic designs. The quality of their work combined with the amount of faces per hour than paint will give you a good overview of the caliber of face painter you’re dealing with.

 The final thing one should ask about when trying to choose a good face painters is. Do they require anything from you to set up. Most all professional face painters provide their own set up. The only thing you should have to provide is a table, and a clean and easily accessible work area. For the face painters that do request for you to provide seating and more. This is a sure sign of their lack of professionalism, there are certain equipment that every face painter needs to be able to produce quality designs and work efficiently.


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